Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A New Theme Park

This is a new theme park in southern Taiwan.

 A place suitable for those who like exciting games.这里有很多很刺激的游乐设施。
  As though we are in Greece. 希腊风的设计。

The mascot  这里的吉祥物。
 A cool bean on top of a stall selling soya bean products. 累了吗?来杯豆浆充充电。
 Giant Trojan Horse 巨马
Fun game 好玩的碰碰车。
 For the brave one. It's a U-shape and you will swing to and fro. 超高的U型。
Have some coffee 歇息一下,来杯咖啡。 

 A very long shopping mall. 很长的购物天地。
 View from a giant ferris wheel. 从巨大摩天轮往下看。